Sea fishing within a set of training system of out of print

see this training system, I feel a little old Zhang Yongzhen Watson. He is not only teaching staff to do things, it is important to call them how to behave. Contact today in a hotel experience, but also feel the need to send this to everyone. The success of the sea fishing has his reason. Good staff, must be able to treat customers, customers will be more happy, respect for employees, employees will be more happy, because their pay has been recognized by the society, this kind of positive energy, positive cycle, sea fishing is the secret of success!)

The first day:

A: Haidilao three goals

1, in the sea fishing to create a fair and equitable work environment;

2, committed to changing the value of the fate of their hands, in the seabed into reality;

3, will open to the sea.

1, careful, patient, thoughtful, enthusiastic

2, guests every little thing to do as a major event

1, not allowed to look at the guests, not allowed to quarrel with the guests;

2, do not allow guests to dress up and despise guests, discuss guests;

3, do not allow guests to know the past with the guests and discuss the guests;

4, the guests in the restaurant off items can not accommodate themselves, because the active hand bar.

1, the interpretation of the staff

2, bottom: the principle of submarine fishing, each employee must start from the bottom;

3, fishing: comprehensive quality, with hard hands to change their destiny;

4, the explanation for the guests: the sea fishing pot as endless as the sea of food, everything to customers to taste.

must be a diligent person, even if you are stupid we are willing to teach you.

1, line up to eat, have to queue, not allowed to preempt;

2, saving >

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