Dr Lee resigned on the nternet to sell lucrative beef noodles

enterprise is a kind of individual activities, and education is not a bit of it, at the same time, now the social employment is relatively tight, so there are a lot of highly educated people, have begun to put into the whole venture army.

2014 in September, a 33 year old computer in Dr. Deng Yubo taught for 3 years, made a crazy decision in the job — the teachers of Lanzhou University, campus LAN from study and life in the 15 years, business selling beef noodles.

The moment out of the gate


"man should continue to toss out to do something." In Beijing, Deng Yubo met a group of well paid, resigned from the tall on the company’s business, the family does not understand, Deng Yubo in Beijing in the case, patiently persuade, and gradually achieve understanding. At school, his two consecutive resignation, to resign successfully.

of delicacy the simple dream of

see peer Xiong Yongping, eat beef noodles grown Deng Yubo proud to introduce the Lanzhou beef noodles delicious recommended

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