Do retail business should pay attention to Qingming business opportunities

a variety of traditional holidays has always been the climax of Chinese consumption, therefore, for any one of the retail stores, it is also necessary to pay attention to these traditional holidays. But in March, the light breeze was blowing, such as gross rain fall, thousands of soft Liu Shu Qi, their yellow eyes, red white and yellow flowers, green grass, green leaves, like a person like rush rushed to the market and to gather, formed a brilliant spring, a cute little swallow, they also flew back from the south, joined the very witty spring scenery pictures in the spring have added a lot of fun.

indicates that once a year the Tomb-sweeping Day coming, Tomb-sweeping Day is a traditional Chinese festival, the most important religious festivals, is the day of worship and grave. When Tomb-sweeping Day arrives, the unit should be put back a few days of worship holiday.

as the saying goes, "early late Shilaiyi Qingming", Tomb-sweeping Day must be ahead of the grave worship, early days Shishuji can, "Shilaiyi"? At ten days the grave worship can also, according to our rules in Henan, is a few days before Tomb-sweeping Day, farmers are retail store paper, incense, firecrackers and fireworks…… All moved outside the shop, rows, rows, neatly placed on the outside.

Wait for the

returned from the field, and the village of the villagers, to the store to buy them, according to their families, some will buy a bundle of paper, buy a hang firecrackers, some will buy a tube of fireworks, and a sweet…… Of course, different customers have different worship to the heart of the dead man, they will choose different commemorative gifts to express, although these offerings can’t make up for the pain of lost loved ones, but with the passing of a loved one for a lifetime of love. I can’t help thinking of the poem I learned from Du Mu at school:

Qingming rain have,

pedestrian road.

may I ask where there are restaurants?

The shepherd boy points at Xinghuacun


as long as this is a traditional holiday, if you can grasp the needs of customers, the store’s business development will help. But Tomb-sweeping Day these days because of the national unified holiday bazaar traffic and more clearly than usual several times, so we as a retailer, we must seize the opportunity to prepare the store of goods, such as various brands, various brands of drinks, and supplies Qing Ming Festival worship the…… Only an ample supply of goods, Tomb-sweeping Day after we will thumbs up said this year’s April 4th "Tomb-sweeping Day" sell crazy!

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