[there is a picture of the truth] to teach you to open hand WeChat store


now WeChat’s growing influence, it’s every new move is attracting people’s attention, especially WeChat stores, but also to win the attention of many entrepreneurs. We just need a simple application and certification in WeChat has its own WeChat shop, then how ordinary entrepreneurs to open their own WeChat store it?

A, open WeChat store


1, must have access to WeChat certified service number

2, WeChat shop to connect WeChat payment function

A process of

two WeChat store


choose category


2.  and then fill in the basic information of the goods in accordance with the guidelines, including the name of the commodity, commodity pictures, freight, inventory, details, etc..


second steps: commodity management

1.  commodity group management: you can set up different groups to manage goods, can be used to pack the goods into the shelves.


2.  goods on the shelf: you can quickly on the shelves of goods operation.


third step: shelf management

1.  definition of the shelf: the merchant used to carry the goods template, each shelf is composed of different controls.


2.  after selecting the shelves, the business can be grouped into the management of goods inside the shelves.

3.  release the shelves; will be edited by clicking on the shelf, and then copy the link, the link can be filled in the custom menu, or send a message.


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