According to the three criteria for the selection of early franchise brand

now early education market is developing rapidly, the parents of high degree of concern, entrepreneurs are constantly watching. To choose a suitable education to join the brand, we must first understand the early education industry, refer to the appropriate standard to find out satisfactory franchise brand.


if you are going to choose a development project to join, on the understanding of the industry. The corresponding information on the various aspects of the brand in their own minds. Consumer groups, price positioning, product style, business channel. Now the heart will own request list filter can be screened out several early projects are to join the brand was to be selected, and then from the details of the filter.

enough profit space

Is a word

to zoren education development product sales as an example, as they not only manufacturers strict control of product price, but also with strict control of their products in the market sales price, once found in the case of low sales appear directly for processing, revocation of agent qualification. This is not only in the control of the market, or to ensure its agents can have enough space for profit, the situation does not appear to beat each other.

related support

mature companies often can be for early education programs in the franchisee to provide related support. In order to be successful, it is important to follow the relevant support. Such as zoren education for their early education programs provide franchisees opened business guidance and recommendation

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