Hot fishing business project selection fishing hot how

as sea fishing franchise brand is so hot, hot fishing catering projects in recent years Chinese hot staggering degree. Life, we can easily find out that we dine out 2/3 of the form of food and beverage consumption will be a little hot fishing form, visible strong fishing fishing market.

is the current hot fish to join the market for a new hot project, has a large number of consumers, more and more franchisees to join the fishing hot, so hot out to join what to choose? Xiaobian to recommend fishing hot Master today, this is a good brand, then join the brand how much is it?

hot fishing to join what to choose? How much money to join the


fishing hot cooperation costs are as follows:

brand use fee: 36800 yuan

store management fee 8000 yuan / year, personnel training fee of $10000

operating margin: 20000 yuan (contract termination interest free refund)

fishing hot join process:

1, cooperative consulting

2, audit investigation

3, signed a franchise contract

4, opening publicity and planning program

5, store decoration

6, personnel training

7, pay the deposit fee

8, equipment and material approach

9, the opening of the new store

10, pre operational guidance

The above is the

fishing hot Master joining fee and introduce the joining process, if you still have what other issues is not clear please post our website below, see the message after the late we will arrange for staff to contact you.

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