How to do business with zero profit

if a business zero profit, you will do this business? I think a lot of shopkeepers should have been in this situation. In fact, if you can master the relevant skills, zero profit business does not have to worry about Oh, because when the real deal is not necessarily the formation of zero profit!

is there a shopping custom in our place, whether it’s big or small? All in all to "bargain", a tongue of wisdom and confrontation can hardly be avoided.

two days ago one afternoon, the rain stopped. Because of the weather, the walk of the people are not willing to move, the way past some of the most office workers, or there is something urgent to do the store, no guests, I stared at the rain outside all eyes, was looking forward to it to stop, it will make up a good business.

is in the boring time, suddenly from the opposite on a rain coat, about fifty years old middle-aged woman, at the foot of the boots with yellow mud. She rushed into the store. I thought, this is a "God of wealth" to send money to me, I happily took the middle-aged women in the hands of the umbrella, said: "Auntie, this rain, it must be in a hurry, want what?" She wiped the sweat on the forehead and said: "yes, this is my old wife birthday, buy a Yili pure milk to feed her."

"yes, I’ll get it for you." I took delivery of the goods at the same time also reported a price of fifty-three". She casually: "so expensive! Do you have any?"


, some time ago online crazy pass Mengniu milk is out of order, Yili manufacturers also put forward the purchase price, so the price did not earn what money!" I smiled and explained.

"no, my last week in another store to buy a fifty, today to fifty-three, this is a little bit too fast! On fifty, not to sell, I go to the other house!" Middle-aged woman said, go out. This milk is two days before the purchase price is three dollars profit, regardless of my persuasion, in the mind of the customer that not a penny discount, she was not convinced to. But how much can I offer her? A piece? Fifty-two figures are not good, one careless people think I scold her! Less than two? Fifty-one, I estimate that a fraction of the customer to let me go, it is not a "yangbailao" well, how could this be?


will come to my clever move, middle-aged woman said: "aunt, you buy a box of milk, the price is very low, I can’t give you discount, or you buy oatmeal and honey together what, I’ll give you a 5% off? With a bag of 30 yuan oats, the elderly eat good for the body. The milk down conversion is fifty piece zero echo, it is also recommended as you

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