How to speed up the construction of high skilled talents in Deyang

technology continues to progress, in response to the needs of the market, there is a large number of workers in the market demand. The cultivation of good mechanics can provide important thrust for economic development. So, recently, how to accelerate the construction of high skilled personnel in Deyang? Provincial Department of human resources and technical experts, outstanding contributions to the collective and individual awards were commended, Deyang, Li Zhiqiang and other 6 highly skilled personnel won the title of provincial technical experts.

Oriental Motor Co., Ltd. was awarded the outstanding contribution award collective, Liu Yong and other 3 teachers were awarded outstanding contribution award. Up to now, the number of individuals and units recognized in Deyang has been ranked first in the province.

in recent years, Deyang focus on talent demand construction heavy equipment base, full implementation of high skilled talents in the national revitalization plan has been implemented, the studio master skills of 17 construction projects, including 2 national, provincial 2. The implementation of high skilled personnel training base construction project 15, including the national level of 2, provincial 2.

implementation of highly skilled personnel training programs for new training technicians and senior workers to give highly skilled personnel training subsidies. As of the end of 12th Five-Year, the city’s total skilled personnel of 160 thousand people, including highly skilled personnel of 53 thousand and 700 people, accounting for the proportion of skilled workers reached 33.6%.

the next step, Deyang city will be in high skill personnel training, use, evaluation and management of innovation, implementation of the "Hundred Talents Program" Deyang chief technician, accelerate the training of a sufficient quantity, reasonable structure, high quality skills of high skilled talents; incentive mechanism innovation skills, from the primary industry to improve senior technician, occupation skills through all levels of lifelong occupation training system; actively promote the enterprise new apprenticeship system on a pilot basis; the construction of the Deyang occupation skill of public training base.

an area wants the economy to obtain the vigorous development, regarding the talented person’s effective training is the basic. Deyang in accelerating the construction of highly skilled personnel, through a series of initiatives have achieved remarkable results. In the future, these workers will be assigned to various jobs, will play a significant role.

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