How to do the work of the decoration design

the location of a store to choose to be good, but a little taste of store decoration is not, it will be difficult to attract diners, the store’s business will naturally be affected. Therefore, you want to successfully set up shop, you also need to do a good job of decoration design. While the young rice shop in the store decoration design, to comply with the customer based design concept, convenient customer dining as the main idea. How to build a restaurant? Here to introduce you.

baozaifan store should give the casual, relaxed feeling, can put a strong sense of rhythm music, with strong color contrast and gorgeous lighting, folded, positive display, side show to be interspersed with each other, the shelves put and the overall feeling in at random. The image and style orientation of the food store is set out from the classification of the customer base of the shop.

baozaifan joined the shop decoration design positioning and location has always been a convenient, high quality and inexpensive as the main features to the community as the main object, so any baozaifan franchise store decoration design positioning must be popular low, the. In addition to the popularity of the popular design, the price is also popular.

The shop is a restaurant to join

baozaifan, in the restaurant design, the entrance should be more spacious, to avoid the crowd blocking, large formal dining room can be set with the guests waiting seats, entrance channel should be through the counter or reception desk.

kitchen area determination. The area of the kitchen should be in a proper proportion in the area of the rice cooker. The kitchen area is very important to the production, it affects the work efficiency and the work quality. The area is too small, the kitchen would crowded and hot, not only affects the working speed and working staff can also affect the mood; the area is too large, walk away when the job will increase, is a waste of time and energy, but also increase the cleaning, lighting, maintenance fees.

since it is a service-oriented shop, all natural need to stand in the perspective of consumers, so that the shop will be more in the decoration design work, can attract more people’s recognition. In short, the rice cooker to join the store decoration design to achieve customer service and convenience to customers, this is a good pot rice food store decoration design.

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