2015 the Qixi Festival will provoke the Qixi Festival romantic capital catering business

2015 Tanabata Festival is coming, many companies have begun to prepare for the festival. The catering industry is the capital of the early preparations, and strive to win the battle of wealth tanabata.

Chinese push "emotional package" send "warmth Western-style Food Program"

today, is the Chinese traditional Valentine’s Day "the Qixi Festival", since this year is the 38 year leap in July this year, so "the Qixi Festival" love is particularly rich, and various restaurants and travel agencies in Beijing have also introduced new projects, to create a romantic, "the Qixi Festival" seize "the Qixi Festival" business opportunities.

for a couple to create a romantic night, the capital of many famous time-honored as "the Qixi Festival" for the rich content, even the dishes are up poetic. Xiangcai brand song garden restaurant, prepared 188 yuan -428 yuan 4 "the Qixi Festival package. The hongbinlou not only prepared 198 yuan "the Qixi Festival" couple packages, but also out of the ordinary in dishes, fried shrimp row is called "in pairs", agate balls called "deep inside, Pan-Fried Codfish in Soy Sauce called" a true "and so on, auspicious dishes for lovers to meet happiness.

the renowned Beijing Emei restaurant, "the Qixi Festival" on the two floor for the couple opened a special Valentine’s day world ", the Qixi Festival little food 108 yuan, 128 yuan" sweet valentine packages "couple, also can get a restaurant gift of a rose. 300 years, barbecue Wan "romantic Valentine’s day, meet barbecue Wan" as the theme, launched 198 yuan rose 298 yuan package "and" a harmonious union lasting a hundred years package".

in Chinese mining the Qixi Festival opportunities at the same time, this year, "the Qixi Festival" Western-style food also joined in the war. Compared with the standard, Western-style food pays more attention to the romantic elements outside the dishes. In the Wang steak shop, "the Qixi Festival" that night, where the restaurant "the Qixi Festival" Valentine’s lovers can enjoy the romantic rose petals, rose romantic meal. The restaurant is also prepared for the lovers of the exquisite Valentine’s card, can leave love oath. The launch of the 198 yuan package delicate rose package, providing Italian bread, yogurt tuna shrimp pumpkin soup, steak dinner 6 formosa.

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"the Qixi Festival" for special projects at the same time, the capital of the travel agency also expended, and strive to create a happy atmosphere for lovers. The general manager of China CYTS Department Tian Ling told reporters that in the conventional line tour in "the Qixi Festival" this time the couples in 31 days will receive a travel agency for a couple of specially prepared roses, chocolate and other small gifts at the airport, there will be more welcome lovers of ceremony, the airport will lay a wreath to the crowd tourism lovers.


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