12 business incubator project in southern China competition

The role of

in science and technology innovation in today’s era has been given full attention, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. Many new entrants in the development of innovative technologies, trying to obtain exclusive business opportunities through technology.

smart skateboard for the lazy walking walking robot for the plants, investigation of pests and diseases, when the plant "nanny"…… Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics seventh batch of 12 business incubator project competition, participate in the "Jiangsu province public Internet Park" park project review meeting, to support the fierce competition for 100 thousand to 500 thousand yuan investment fund. After a competition, the final "has the obstacle avoidance function of industrial grade Power Patrol UAV", "welding intelligent office system", "7 intelligent car" 3 project won the first prize.


a wheelbase of 1.2 meters of the four rotor UAV, by using millimeter wave radar ranging, obstacle avoidance algorithm integrated flight control for UAV escort. Military grade dual channel optical pod mounted inside the fuselage equipped with high-definition visible light and infrared shooting equipment, can carry out real-time feedback, inspection personnel only need to complete the touch screen camera zoom and video camera.

"we are in Anhui, Tianjin, Beijing launched a drill site dozens of actual flight, a large white, the maximum range can reach 4 km radius." Team leader Liu Yuan told reporters.

finger movement, the picture is changed to the left and right, small amplification…… This is more than touch screen on the tall multi touch holographic terminal. And touch screen is different, the project uses holographic projection technology and multi touch technology, can better show the most clear picture, and farther away, the higher the clarity. Not only to see more clearly, but also to see a more three-dimensional, the screen is showing the effect of 3D.

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