Beijing shared bicycle theft incident

we all know that cycling is sharing social resources, if people want to use, according to the specification of the deposit can be at ease use, but most of the time, because people are selfish, want the public resources for himself, will receive legal sanctions. Beijing Changping District City, a man sharing the bicycle has 5 times will be parked in a university at the entrance of the ride home, and themselves, eventually shared bicycle company found and alarm.

One day in November,

2016, a bicycle company’s bicycle alarm system suddenly received an alarm signal, showing that the bike was illegally moved, the company staff found the vehicle was stolen. After a few days to find, the staff according to the bike comes with GPS positioning system, lock the stolen bike is located in a rented room, then the alarm. The police after receiving the report, immediately rushed to the scene, found 5 stolen bike sharing in the rented room.

it is understood that the rental tenant is the suspect lee. Lee was in front of the university gate to stall a small business, the day when the ready to pack up and go home, suddenly found himself stand parked a yellow bike. Lee know that this is a public bike, you can use the phone to sweep the code to take, after the end of the lock car parked on the roadside.

This bike

Lee was found not locked, he thinks this is a public bike, should nobody, then will this car for a moment of greed, and returned to their rental housing in the van. For the first time. Let Lee have luck, he has 5 times to share the bike for himself, identified by the public security organs, the 5 stolen bike a total value of 3434 yuan.

is a shared resource for everyone. People not only want to share their bikes, but also share them with people. Beijing City prosecutor said the sharing of bicycles belonging to public facilities, Lee knew that bicycles are public property, is still illegal possession for the purpose, has stolen 5, a larger amount, his behavior constituted theft.

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