Chongqing 2015 small and micro enterprise loans issued 8 million 760 thousand yuan

Chongqing has been committed to creating innovative and entrepreneurial city in the west, which vigorously support small and micro enterprises, giving a number of financial subsidies. Last year, Yongchuan District issued 8 million 760 thousand loans to alleviate the problem of venture capital.

is "loan portfolio" is to apply for loans to the individual business (including individual industrial and commercial households and micro enterprises) the maximum loan amount is never more than 100 thousand yuan to 300 thousand yuan, but did not break through the existing financial discount policy, to conform to the policies of the loan amount by the financial discount, the excess part of the loan by I assume the loan interest loans. Improve the availability of venture capital, to better protect the actual needs of entrepreneurs funds, help to support their quality entrepreneurship.

The western region

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