Entrepreneurial experience in these 10 situations you are close to success

has a good song: "do not experience wind and rain, how to see the rainbow?" Entrepreneurship is the case, do not experience hardships, how will success? Everyone wants to be the boss, but the boss’s seat is not good at all, in the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs have 10 hardships, like 10 mountains, only over them, entrepreneurial success.

said after 70, 80, the courage to fight hard fight only after 90 entrepreneurs start empty-handed competition of family background, lack most is money, no money is hard enough to find good people, can not continue, as the first mountain of entrepreneurship.

In fact,

which entrepreneurs are not investors questioned? Do not be questioned by investors, friends and relatives around you often question what you do, before you succeed, can only endure the pain, perhaps this is the only way for every entrepreneur!


Youde not only employees at the most mediocre, but non talented German employees are absolutely the time bomb enterprise, team long efforts may just because a person of poor quality of employees betrayal as entrepreneurs, cast to waste, Huiyanshizhu is an essential skill.

sixth: the product will not be recognized by the market

seventh: client for

> eighth: the pressure of public opinion

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