Eat fresh water ecological organic fish Guangyuan provides more secure quality

in our daily lives, people in the purchase of some homely food, the quality of the product is very worried, so eco organic products in the market more popular. The morning of November 17th, held in Guangyuan City, the White Lake Pavilion Lake (hereinafter referred to as the "lakes") large enhancement of the first fish launching ceremony. The first batch of 150 thousand tail, about 60 thousand pounds of fish on the Jialing River in the upper reaches of the lake pavilion. It is reported that from November this year to the end of next year, Guangyuan will be in batches to the White Dragon Lake and Lake Pavilion spent a total of more than 740 different specifications of fish tail, about 2 million 500 thousand kg.

ban on cage culture of Bailong lake to reproduce the blue sky

In 90s

established at the beginning of the Baozhusi Hydropower Station, in the upper reaches of Longjiang formed a water area of 78.8 square kilometers, the average depth of 54.5 meters of the artificial lake – White Dragon lake. To solve the living problems in some of the immigrants, the local villagers in a small lake to allow cage culture, but some local farmers enter after 2013 to reach 14 thousand and 600 in the cage.

a lot of cage culture let water white Dragon Lake is deteriorating rapidly, water quality is good to moderate pollution, worsening trend. Guangyuan municipal government will ban the cage culture as the 2014 2015 in the city, the people’s livelihood. After two years of effort, before October 2015, white Dragon Lake 14677 cages all cleared, white Dragon Lake to reproduce the blue sky.

investigation of reference of the development of ecological fishery Yinghu Lake

cage banned, and the water quality reaches the national standard of two kinds of large-scale ecological fishery development conditions richly endowed by nature. Such a vast area of water, so idle down, it is a pity.

as the five largest freshwater lake in northwest province, Shaanxi Ankang Yinghu lake water area of 77 square kilometers. Since the beginning of 2009, in the strict premise to ensure good water quality, Yinghu lake ecological fishery development actively, to achieve a "good water, good fish fish net good water ecological goals and economic benefits. Based on the ecological culture of Ying lake, 2015 health, ecological fishery production of 42 thousand tons, the output value of 2 billion 100 million yuan, three consecutive years of yield and output value were the first in Shaanxi province.

after the inspection, according to the situation of Guangyuan, the city put forward "after 5 years of efforts, the Guangyuan lakes built China organic aquatic products in Western China’s largest production base of the strategic goal. Synchronous development of aquaculture and tourism development, has become the core idea of the future development of Hunan and hubei.

at the end of June this year, the Guangyuan municipal government issued a "work plan" development of the White Lake Pavilion Lake Ecological Fishery in Guangyuan City, pointed out the direction for the development of ecological fishery in Guangyuan. Recommended

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