How much does it cost to join the ice cream

why are you so beautiful? Just because she was born with a beautiful story. Let us together to feel the snow lotus ice cream to bring us the ultimate aesthetic feelings!

Shalon a Italy handmade ice cream technicians, a love of true to the core amazing woman, with flowers for love, to make ice cream for the attachment, symbol of the flower of love ice cream. Coincidentally, Chinese Shalon translated as "Snow Lotus", contains two kinds of love about the sanctity. The snow crystal represents romance, has been hailed as a "love delicious ice cream; lotus, the appearance of ya, the only crown Qunfang, sweet love flowers". Snow lotus, happiness exclusive ice cream, let us enjoy happiness together.

is now a big and small ice cream brand in the excellent snow lotus ice cream. Xuefurong ice cream stores all over the country, each a franchise business is good. Xuefurong ice cream now attracted a lot of people want to join them, but the snow lotus ice cream franchise fee? This is all in concern, in this small series of snow lotus was aimed to join the cost level of the overall introduction of ice cream, I hope to help the franchisee.

how much does it cost to join the ice cream


snow lotus ice cream join fee is not high, as long as one to fifty thousand. The snow lotus ice cream so save money, mainly due to the absence of any equipment cost, another is the mode of operation is quite flexible, without any cost of store design, as long as a small pool of surface operation. Snow lotus ice cream store as long as one to thirty thousand small shop.

snow lotus ice cream profile:

snow lotus ice cream is now a leader in the industry, in the course of the development of the growing scale, snow lotus ice cream shop hundreds of. In addition to its products are up to dozens of series, different series of products will have different tastes, while sales are good. So the snow lotus ice cream to join, you can open a business booming franchise, since the start of the journey to become rich.

snow lotus ice cream join fee how many? This problem everybody clear. By contrast, we can see that this is a low-risk, high-yield projects. Snow lotus ice cream to provide you with a full range of support, with the support of everyone, entrepreneurial success, starting their own happiness in life, no longer have no good business projects and greatly worried.

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