How to successfully open the porridge shop

Chinese people eat porridge probability is relatively high, so many businesses are eager to dig in the porridge market good business opportunities. If you want to successfully open the porridge shop, then need to pay attention to what matters? Perhaps the novice has no experience to share, it does not matter, a lot of learning, you can also start their own investment. Let’s have a look.

Chinese every family porridge, porridge every one, it is true. It is precisely because of such a social basis, with the characteristics of Chinese food and beverage market to show a strong vitality. According to the survey, in all Chinese fast food, porridge as an eternal theme, the longest duration, the highest popularity. Especially with the accelerated pace of life, increasing varieties of congee, more and more consumers have to go outside to drink porridge, porridge by family food into food stores selling goods, this change as a direct result of the rapid expansion of the catering market.

congee can provide three meals and takeaway dinner, can be packaged. 24 hours of operation, the 5 business period form 5 selling peak, each table over Taiwan daily 8 times, each time dial guest consumption 50 yuan, a table on the operating income up to 400 yuan, net profit of 200 yuan. A shop if you can put on the table 10, earn fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan a month will be able to make a bowl of porridge! A market, a bowl of porridge as a business, has become an unshakable fact. In the theme restaurant in like a raging fire porridge, porridge and grade have different varieties. In addition to the considerable profit porridge itself, but because of the other dishes and dessert porridge porridge is far greater than itself, driven by the coefficient of up to 1 than 10, that is 5 yuan a bowl of porridge, linking consumption of at least 50 yuan; if 3 people dining together, drink a bowl of porridge. The consumption amount can reach 150 yuan.

Dianzhi choice:

Design and layout of


traditional farmhouse style and modern.

business ideas:

1, with different seasons as the background, selling seasonal porridge. In the hot summer, the introduction of several "melon" as the main raw material >

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