The age of the nternet business is to make money online vegetables everywhere

is now the Internet era, many people want to use the Internet to make money, this idea is very good. The age of the Internet, is full of business opportunities, online vegetables can also make money! Kong Lingbo is a realization of young entrepreneurs through online build up the family fortunes selling vegetables, we have to listen to his story.

2006 at the end of the year, Kong Lingbo decided to leave the business, and did not find suitable for their own projects. He and three partners are the top students of university computer professional. But by the end of 2007, the company has been in the process of exploration.

looking into electronic menu this one at present, through their friends, to undertake a variety of information technology projects to maintain the company’s operations, including the China Academy of space technology project, the Xuanwu party volunteers online project etc.. They also developed a variety of fun gadgets, such as luminous T-shirt, digital photo frame, intelligent alarm technology.

The first commercial customer

in fact, move the business for many reasons, first is the electronic menu can reduce costs, achieve rapid update. For a food and beverage business, the ordinary recipes are between 300 yuan to $500 per year, at least a year to replace the menu to invest nearly 1000 yuan. Although the market price of electronic recipes is 2300 yuan, slightly higher than the regular menu, but can be arbitrarily released new dishes or delete old dishes, is a one-time investment.

The advantages of

businesses regardless of size, we don’t want to start business, now online business is very profitable, as long as you find the right project, hard to do, can earn a lot of profit. Kong Lingbo left the entrepreneurial story, to many entrepreneurs to inspire, encourage more entrepreneurs.


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