Sellers who earn more than ten million a year

now the social development is very good, the money channel is also a lot more, this is not a university graduates start their own shop sellers who earn more than ten million a year, this let us every day in the hands of others under the work, pay little tank!

high school almost no contact with the Internet

Jin Yafei was born in rural Henan, Xuchang, before high school, the Internet for him, is an unknown and magical things. "Junior high school managed strictly, and his class is rocket class, the class is always the kind of learning, there is no time on the internet."


, Jin Yafei to the county high school, began to come into contact with the real world. He knows Ma Yun, Alibaba. Jin Yafei said with a smile, for e-commerce, then just feel magical, interested, after all, it changed some of the traditional model." College entrance examination, Jin Yafei did not hesitate to choose the Xi’an FanYi University e-commerce. In fact, when the election of professional, I have no concept of e-commerce." Until after the University, through a number of courses to learn, e-commerce four words in the hearts of Jin Yafei, began to gradually clear. At this time, he is not willing to simply learn, but the calculation of their own use of the Internet to do something.

‘s first venture project ended in failure

, however, Jin Yafei’s first venture is not smooth. "My first project called ‘easy vegetables’, belonging to the vegetable form of O2O, users online orders, we purchase from the vegetable farmers, and user distribution."

it all comes from Jin Yafei’s life. In August 2013, I entered the home pepper picking season, but appear unmarketable, 8 cents a pound of pepper began to rot in the ground. At the same time, Xi’an pepper wholesale price is 2 yuan / kg, supermarkets, farms were sold to 4 yuan / kg." What method can help farmers solve the slow-moving dishes, and let the people of Xi’an do not have a few times the price to buy vegetables? As a result, there will be easy vegetables, this year, Jin Yafei is just a freshman.

he used this project to participate in the college student entrepreneurship competition, the results are not satisfactory. "After the incident, I made a careful analysis, why fail? The project itself does not have any problems, but whether it is money or delivery goods, etc., is not what our students can complete." So, Jin Yafei picked up the loss of mood, began to find new business opportunities.

wig sold to the United States, Russia, Brazil,

2014 years, the domestic e-commerce competition with white hot to describe seems not enough. Jin Yafei in the film "blood" recommended

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