Such a Taobao shop is really special

have recently chowhound are very happy, because on the tip of the tongue "China" is hit, and so on, but for many people, but no food shopping. In the food safety issues, industrialization, industry under the wave of oligarchs, those authentic food, we seem to be difficult to enjoy.

but in this article the hon, he came to travel over land and water, origin ingredients, carefully selected, until you find really delicious and healthy food. Then they moved to their Taobao store, so that more people can sinseong hoe. Xiao Bian think, he is doing a very cool thing. This article is an excerpt from the "the Bund pictorial tour" for assured food.

2011  years, with such certainty and persistence, the Hon gave up Shenzhen’s white-collar jobs, with saved   10  million yuan, West sichuan. I had so many utilitarian heart, because Cai Lan and his teacher’s encouragement, for a long time on Rural ancient delicious interest, rushed the opportunity to go to 50%.

his intention is to rely on their own strength, will be assured food out, let everyone enjoy the market to see healthy delicacy. However, the delicious deep in the mountains moved to the Taobao store, it is not easy. It ‘s in this process not only plays the role of Porter, more like a tasting, a way to find a way, taste, a record, finally got on the market has been scanty delicious.

now, the Hon food shop has a small scale, although the store food categories, but everything is his masterwork. Wawushan, pepper, dried bamboo shoots bull Po Weiyuan seven Zhongjiang, Pixian pepper, hollow Hanging noodles bean sauce…… If you do not put these foods Wenhan, it may be difficult to enter people’s vision. He, through the camera and a pen, for each food are traced, making them the record, and the producer is not easy. Through his pictures and words, we are lucky enough to know where everything we eat comes from and how to make it.

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