Underwear stores such a business to make money

want to successfully open a lingerie store, you have to learn a lot of skills, mastered the skills, not afraid to deal with fierce competition in the market. In order to successfully run a lingerie store, businesses should be prepared in many ways, especially in many aspects of detail. So how to operate underwear store? Now let’s go through the details.

1. font font and size and appearance coordination

appearance appearance basically determine your style, and the font selection basically determines your grades, general crystal word than the bubble high point. The color of the font to be compared with the signs, so as to allow customers to recognize your sign in the distance. If the guest comes to your door and no one recognizes your shop, it must be a failure.

2. cashier settings and specific location

3. fitting room setting and the specific location of

The position recommended

fitting room setting is far from the shop door, also can let the cashier position see. Set far, naturally can let the guests through more products, have the opportunity to consume two times.

4. dead angle processing

if the store shape is not very square, there will inevitably be dead. The corner position can prevent some poster exhibition or exhibition atlas. Can a propaganda poster exhibition couples dress dresses, and can provide some atlas atlas display to the guest read.


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