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Chinese wheaten food culture is broad and profound, each kind of taste is unique, the nutrition delicious pasta mostly comes from our northern race, they opposite food may be said is the true love, the economical benefit is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Pasta is essential food has become a popular consumption regardless of geographical regardless of age, is a taste of delicacy for the public brand, so join the pasta shop is not wrong, we recommend the following small as the three most popular pasta brand.

, a noodle shop catering stores 3 brands of Hand-Pulled Noodle

Ma Lan

Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle from Chinese catering to join northern traditional manual Hand-Pulled Noodle pasta, because of its rich nutrition, unique flavor, affordable, fast and light by consumers, has a broad consumer base. In 1999, Beijing century Asia Pacific Information Company Market Research, Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle brand in Beijing after McDonald’s and KFC fast-food chain in the ranking of the three.

1993 in July 16th, founded by the LAN-STAR group’s first LAN-STAR Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum "was born in Lanzhou. Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum in line with the basic elements of modern fast food, completely subvert the traditional type of business style, people find everything fresh and new feeling. Second years, in Shenzhen, Shanghai, LAN-STAR opened a pilot restaurant, all using the same formula, local procurement, processing.

1996, with the LAN-STAR group transfer capital, LAN-STAR Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum settled in Beijing has become a reality. Previously, LAN-STAR Hand-Pulled Noodle style has started from the modern to the nation’s return, logo changed to yellow green font, a sickle, a cow, a piece of wheat. The LAN-STAR does not seem to fit the name of the restaurant, so the second renamed also began. How to reflect their own style, but also make people feel easy to pronounce



people think of a legend, Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty, there was a man called Ma Baozi opened a noodle shop, to settle in Lanzhou, Lanzhou people will be in the impression that this is the Northwest Hand-Pulled Noodle. Take the horse surname, Lanzhou’s blue word, just summed up the Ma Lan two words. Ma Lan, just another land opening in Gansu province in Yumen region on Gobi malan. LAN-STAR decided to use their own Hand-Pulled Noodle Malan meaning chain business, to give ordinary life tension tenacious, hope it can keep fighting in the harsh environment, after a hundred years of enduring.

the name "Ma Lan" is determined, the image of Ma Lan and sums up the national implication: orchid flower shirt, red pants; adhering to the Lanzhou people love to eat Hand-Pulled Noodle called "beef bowl" habit, logo changed to a cow’s head, hands bowl, May 1997, the first horse in Beijing officially opened in exchange for noodle the. Now, there are 439 Ma Lan Ma Lan is a National Museum of Hand-Pulled Noodle, thousands of chain and the world well-known trademarks destination.

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