2016 Chinese New Year SMS blessing here have

come to the Spring Festival, everyone is busy preparing for the outside also don’t forget to search special purchases for the Spring Festival, some auspicious blessing, as is in the Spring Festival when texting friends blessing. 2016 Chinese New Year SMS blessing here are there, come and see.

2016 New Year SMS greetings: monkey I would send you a peach, give you a panacea, and recommend you for the Royal Horse Daisen, give you a pair of golden eyes, wish you a good fortune, you pass a good name through the ages!

2016 New Year SMS greetings: wish you a future year somersault in one hundred and eight thousand, and seventy-two world scholarship, with eighty-one entrepreneurial skills.

2016 New Year SMS blessing: give you a bowl of honey, add some sugar, and finally add salt, separate is salty, meet is sweet, and finally know everything is happy!

my monkey wish: from now on you only hurt me, spoil me, don’t lie to me, I promise every thing to do, to every word I say must be sincere.

2016 New Year SMS blessing: Spring Festival is coming, send you a dumpling. Wrapped in child anpi wishful stuffing, cooked with love, eat a happy two and three smooth and happy family health drink soup, the aftertaste is sweet, lingering fragrance is a blessing.


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