Business should be law abiding integrity

law is not a decoration, the reason will be formulated often need to play a role, but also need people to comply with. As the saying goes, the heart is empty, the heart to be real. Do business and life, to be honest, not just playing rape slippery. Let’s take our own store.

eight years ago, I rented a small facade in the county, an area of less than 7 square meters, compared with the next door neighbours of the convenience store, cigarette and liquor vendor, can be described as "egg stone", presumptuous. At first, many relatives and friends advised me: so small facade can do business? A careful, early closing time. But I did not hit the "back", but look for a reason: the shop is in size, business as long as we are not afraid of competition; honest business, to attract customers, still make money.

in the relatives and friends of the opposition, the store opened on time, the main tobacco and run, general merchandise commodity. The day of the opening, no sound of firecrackers rang, did not put a few meal greeting relatives and friends, just ask people in front of the shop to write a pair of antithetical couplet, the alliance is "integrity management with eight side guests", the second line is "service of thousands of genuine goods at a fair price".

as the saying goes: small but complete. Shop opening is easy, but it is not an easy thing to do well. Every morning, when people shop is not open, I got up early in the morning, first opened the door, the cabinet door is pushed to the loud Street smoke, then smoke cigarette cabinet finishing, see specifications, price tag check is complete, if there is a lack of timely repair, do sign of smoke should display specification science, beautiful.

ready to smoke cabinets, shelves and household goods wine together and do the shelves clean and tidy, goods arranged in an orderly manner, in order to attract the attention of customers, enhance the consumer desire to buy. Finish the work, and then drag the ground over without leaving any stains. This is the "clean sweep the house, Huan celebrate the customer."

when the customer comes into the store, as a main store, herself up smiling; customers buy goods, form a good habit of money hands, watched customers shop. Some customers in the purchase of goods, love not choosy, they never stop grinding price, upset, but seriously answer, let the customer understand, rest assured satisfied with the quality and price of goods.

, for example, some household goods, can be cheaper to sell, some less money does not matter. But for the price tag of cigarette and wine, the price will not be free. In order to avoid adverse effects, but also to bring their own business trouble. In fact, the customer is also understand, as long as you explain the propaganda in place, they are also able to understand your kindness.

in addition to the above said, the most important thing is to abide by the law, standardized operation. First, can not sell fakes. Don’t tell lies, do business too, not fake, "

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