College students borrow business venture capital two

when the arrival of the new semester, it is not difficult to find many schools there or will be more than a few stores around. Some restaurants, some snack shops, very attractive. University City Begoun supermarket at the entrance of a "Niuniu Octopus", since it opened, it has been a lot of people of all ages.

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Begoun supermarket a large flow of people, to eat snacks every night a lot of people, two young "boss" for a week since the performance of basic satisfaction, "to maintain basic survival".

"Niuniu Octopus" advertising is in the campus public service advertisement mode. The first week of classes, they in the school canteen in front of the tap posted side reads "Niuniu octopus to remind you: please save water." Scrip. In the grassland fence with a "Niuniu octopus to remind you: please do not trample on the lawn".

Xian starfish said, considering that schools are not allowed to send commercial leaflets, they want to use a special way to do propaganda. He remembered in the street to see some sign a hotel remind you of such words, so they do the same thing, in the water, grassland, lamp posts and conspicuous place with words "Niuniu Octopus remind you on the piece of paper. These places are usually posted on commercial leaflets, will soon be torn down, but from the beginning until now, more than a week later, their public service advertisement slogans is safe and sound to remind each tap to wash their hands.


Xian said the starfish the biggest problem they currently encountered is how to save costs and increase sales. The first batch of raw materials, they are too expensive, high cost, coupled with the technology is not mature, can not make full use of material mixing, do more electricity when octopus balls.


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