How to curb the flood of heavy rainfall in Xuancheng

heavy rainfall in Anhui, has led to a lot of damage, and even lead to some people in this disaster, lost their precious lives. So, in the face of the heavy rainfall, Xuancheng how to contain the flood? In this and the flood fighting, the people’s Army played a major role.

flood ravaged Xuancheng in an emergency. Even Japan, Xuancheng flood in the most critical moment, China people’s Liberation Army 12 army brigade officers and soldiers rushed to the emergency Linfen the first line of flood, the fine tradition special ability to endure hardship, to fight, to sacrifice, launched a desperate struggle with the flood.

fighting dozens of hours to curb the flood

3 Village

460 soldiers China people’s Liberation Army twelfth army brigade of Linfen in July 2nd to more than and 200 km in the night to the Xuancheng city Xuanzhou District, Shuangqiao Town, a P dam reinforcement war rapidly opened.

because even on the days of rainstorm, Xuancheng Shuangqiao District of Xuanzhou city Wei dam water level continued to rise, has exceeded the dam base line more than one meter, there is a "sea", and the Linfen brigade artillery regiment entered the flood scene, immediately enter a state of war, they carry sandbags to gallop on the levee, after 7 hours of intense repair, the successful construction of a nearly 100 meters of the dike, prevent the landslide.

7 4 March 14, Xuancheng city Xuanzhou District Shen Cun Xiao Wu Cunan due to heavy rains flood water level rising, overflow dam slope collapse erosion. Soldiers stepped in, quickly adjust the berm deployment, in collaboration with local organizations of the masses of embankment reinforcement. Responsible for protection officers and soldiers quickly reflect the immediate establishment of water level monitoring, the coast guard organization unit on duty, and concentrate on the organization of embankment filling sandbags. Continuous fighting day and night, and finally effectively control the danger. Shuangqiao Village dyke victory tasks, were built 3 kilometers long, 80 cm wide, 60 male high molecular dike, conveying and stacking of sand 3400, completed 12 emergency disposal of leaking, to help local professionals to dispose of 5 landslides, 4 villagers transfer property, after several hours of bowel war, finally curb the flood and to ensure the safety of people’s life and property.

they sleep a few days and nights without eating a meal fell asleep

Di need overnight reinforcement, this is a life-and-death matter of the event, a second is to fight! In order to defend the homeland, the Linfen brigade officers and soldiers have gone days without a bath, they rushed to another area from a Polder, sweaty clothes over and over again, they were covered with mud all over the body, the sweat the mud, intertwined, with a smell of sweat. Because they did not sleep for several days and nights, lovely soldiers are too sleepy, eating the meal fell asleep.


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