Xidan girl do not want to do poineering work

has a lot of young stars are not satisfied with the work of the entertainment industry, have started. Xidan girl Ren Yueli in the entertainment industry did not reach the height of the star, but she also holds a firm dream, resolutely open their own entrepreneurial path.

conference by Jia Yunzhe presided over the whole child. Xidan girl Ren Yueli at the press conference said his appeal from 13 years old to go out to earn a living and become a singer, mentality, to work for his life to find more space she said: "I want to like Ms. Dong Mingzhu, the China brand stronger, let the world fall in love with Chinese brand, through their own efforts to let me you love has become the brand of products and brands, some day in the future can represent the brand to the world Chinese day.

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