What is the difference between small restaurant and hotel management model

what is the difference between small restaurant and hotel management model? With the development of small food and beverage industry, to win the attention of many investment entrepreneurs, the need to achieve the dream of ways and means, let us come together to learn more details.

must have a small restaurant thinking. Small dining thinking and dining thinking is not the same. In some hotel group consulting services I, a small restaurant after the transformation, the biggest difficulty is to change the mentality of the operator. They do not lack the team, not lack of products, not lack of funds, the lack of small food and beverage thinking, one will be careful to operate according to the hotel model.

summary of dozens of small business circle and Wallace brand catering business, a small restaurant should be the following 6 kinds of thinking:

1, simple thinking.

2, common people thinking.

3, light thinking.

4, quick thinking.

5, open thinking.

6, quantitative thinking.

/ simple thinking

simple to focus / simple / simple to force in order to achieve the ultimate simple / easy communication and memory / simple in order to better cooperate with others in order to success in the future / simple.

do simple is very difficult, especially to simple. We often say a word: simple people do things, the cost is the lowest, and simple people, the highest dividend. If the team is not a simple recommendation

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