What are the methods to enhance the customer unit price

although the customer looked at a lot, but a customer every time the price of shopping is only a few dozen, or even more than a dozen dollars, so down, in fact, the profit is very low. She opened a single pharmacy, a large number of visitors a day, 100 times the transaction, because busy, please the clerk, but business is always very calm.

analysis is mainly about Xiaohua, customer price is too low, the average customer only ten dollars, which makes Xiaohua very worried, but could not stay in her shop, not to buy it on your own.

for Xiaohua encounter this problem, in the chain is rare, but in the single pharmacy is very common, is the price is too low, only a dozen dollars a single customer, means that employees lost a lot of opportunities, but in the shopping guide, for single pharmacy, to enhance customer price and with different chain pharmacies, chain pharmacies can continue training, relatively perfect evaluation system to promote, and for single pharmacy, depends on the attitude of employees and ability, therefore, in the single pharmacy, improve customer price to more practical:

a "fool" type training

for single pharmacy, who did not have so much time to do the training, the training should be simple, visible results, can provide a "fool" type of training, is to provide a common medicine guide template, let employees in accordance with the kinds of medicine to be associated with some commonly used medicine association scheme, looks very mechanical, but for single pharmacy is meaningful.

two, making related tips card


pin plug in that associated with other drug varieties faster edge or reminder, this card to remind employees, but also to remind customers, but most still need to borrow this card when shopping guide staff to persuade customers.

, three duty Award

Xin Hua every six months will give employees a raise, but this way to let employees feel too far away, for employees, each class can earn much more practical, so, through the establishment of index in each class, and set up a "step" reward system to encourage employees through ascension to improve customer price the performance of duty, the better the performance, also can get a higher reward, the cash incentives way to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, but can not be recommended to guide.

four, every day full capacity to send

this way is for the customer, can put some attractive gifts to the cashier, let the customer into the store to see, so the choice of gifts to the novel, and through the POP to inform the customer, prompting customers to buy the full number of available >

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