Maternal and child products store Guide

with the increase of China number of newborns, children’s industry market demand is gradually expanding, the industry’s investment advantages are more significant, more and more people to open stores in the maternal and child products. Such a good business opportunities, I believe you will not miss the screen! But want to open a successful maternal and child supplies stores, but to master a lot of knowledge and skills, and then follow the small series together to find out about the mother and child products store shop guide bar!

baby stores shop guide one, the choice of location

baby stores location 1 infant supplies stores the location in the vicinity of medical and health units or residential. If it is a small area of the operating area of the consumer environment to conduct a careful analysis, the only way to protect revenue, reduce operating risks. Can the establishment of a kindergarten and community partnerships, such as allowing posters advertising new products, but also kindergarten itself directly to the consumer focus, can do for kindergarten baby shop distributors.

baby supplies store location 2 baby Jie remind stores generally can choose the city of the two or three kind of lot, about 50 square meters, just need to highlight the personality and clean and bright. Purchase channels can take the franchise stores and access to infant supplies distribution rights.

baby supplies store location 3 brand infant products prices are high, vulnerable to the level of consumption in the region, so that the site should be particularly careful, generally should choose high-grade or mature communities nearby.

baby supplies store location 4 in the place where the account to open the shop on the best in the local open, or from the headquarters of the city is relatively close to the better.

baby supplies store shop guidance two, infant supplies stores to complete the goods to attract customers, so as not to go to the trouble of the purchase of their mothers, to meet the consumer one-stop shopping needs. In the choice of goods, and strive to novel. Can be based on a number of large shopping malls or reflect the customer, timely replacement to fast, to maintain a trend. At the same time, but also in accordance with the source, age, in the high-end products with reasonable. Infant supplies profit is generally between 5%-10%, some less than 5%, the absolute belongs to small profits products, no big profit margins, so baby infant supplies stores remind Jie learn to cultivate a fixed consumer groups.

baby products stores shop three, guidance training fixed consumer groups, we have to talk about the service attitude, good service attitude is an important factor for consumers to visit again store, we are going to have to treat them with due respect, conscientious, never judge a person by his appearance, nor indifferent. Baby recommended

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