Exclusive nternet entrepreneurs who reveal the most vulnerable to failure

Internet industry is developing rapidly, more and more people want to grab wealth in this industry, many entrepreneurs have achieved success in the Internet industry, but some people end up in failure. So what Internet entrepreneurs are most likely to fail? Read the following to know.

1. to the product to mention a lot of features

There are a lot of

As such

2. intervention in business

There are a lot of

this case more in business, as if CEO do not grasp the discretion, it will lead to a lot of things have changed, many will also affect the process of company.

3. to intervene in departmental affairs

A lot of


leapfrog deal

A, under normal circumstances, there are three layers of high and low positions, senior management staff, such as COO, VP, director of the middle level, the bottom for the manager level, each layer has different powers, the senior general owned company ownership, because most of the senior based recommendation

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