Business can listen carefully to customer complaints

goods in the end how should be placed, each owner naturally have their own ideas, and often from their own point of view and can not take into account the consumer experience. One evening, several migrant workers working near the construction site, dragging tired footsteps into the store.

"big sister, why do you keep the food in such a low place?"" In a 30 year old migrant workers holding a bag of food to the cashier, complained to me, "I bent over for a long time to find that I want to buy. After a whole day’s work, it really hurts."

said no, the listener interested. Although the customer complaint contains a ridicule, but after the bid farewell to them, I examined the various types of goods — food placed on the shelves of a really low, adults want to take the words to be bent or crouch; and small snacks instead of on the surface layer, but also get the children some inconvenient.

the night after the door closed, I adjusted the location of cooked food and snacks. When I finished, I looked at the store’s display. At this time I found that many of the goods placed very casual. Before each new goods, I have seen where there is a place to put where, resulting in the confusion of the "situation" — Instant Coffee and mustard next to the coffee cup, but put together with pots and pans.

soon, I made the following improvements: the coffee next to the coffee cup, looks warm and romantic. Next to the tea is simple Yixing tea and moisturizes the porcelain tea, I also let the wife with the color line made up of "lucky knot", the teapot cover and fasten the teapot. This ingenious and unique collocation has attracted the attention of many customers. Put all kinds of lighters into the box, next to the cigarette.

Small fan shelf

to find out the idle, the gum on the inside, and put a bunch of tassels in a corner of the fan. After such an improvement, many customers have said that my shop has become more orderly and orderly, but also demonstrate the effectiveness of the chain. For example, when buying cigarettes to buy a lighter, looking at the coffee cup with a box of beautiful coffee back.

there are many shopkeepers are conceited, felt since it is their own shops, everything should be in accordance with their own ideas to. However, open the door to do business, a lot of customers coming and going every day, it is inevitable that some people will complain. In fact, these complaints for our owners, and sometimes a wealth, can urge us to better improve the operation.

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