Hero Malatang joined what cook

as a qualified investors need to clearly understand the joining of information, this is a factor that must be considered when choosing to join the project, the following small focuses on the hero Malatang cook join what are the requirements.

hero Malatang cook join conditions:

1, the applicant agrees with our company’s business philosophy and management model, in accordance with the requirements of the company standardized management.

2, the applicant must have entrepreneurial spirit, a strong sense of professionalism, with a good sense of brand management, can devote themselves to the cause of the hero cook.

3, you need to have or you can rent a suitable shop facade, business area of not less than 100 square meters. In accordance with the headquarters of the "standard shop facade decoration manual" requires unified store image.

4, according to the headquarters of the "operations management manual" requirements for the standardization of the management of the store, to achieve the quality of service required by headquarters, in order to maintain the brand image of the hero cook.

hero Malatang cook stores

1, the store should be selected in the downtown business district, shopping district, a better atmosphere and Education District, such as welcome Street area

2, the use of the store area shall not be less than 60 square meters

3, store lease shall not be less than 3 years

4, to meet the basic functions of the internal structure of the store partition area, such as the independent storage room, kitchen, clean rooms,

catering area and customer dining area etc.

5, the shop should have an independent entrance, the overall clean and tidy, the store has neat hardware facilities, such as water, electricity, gas, sewage, smoke, exhaust function, and in line with national standards

6, shop to meet the requirements of the fire department fire safety system

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