Giving full play to the butterfly effect of pioneering pioneers and creating an atmosphere of innova

want to better implement the innovation and entrepreneurship policy, it is necessary to form a pioneer butterfly effect, Jiangxi has formed a large-scale business, but also for entrepreneurs who have created a very favorable entrepreneurial environment.

vigorously promote business model. In the creative contest in the selection of entrepreneurial pioneer, Wuning County Employment Bureau will organize staff to write entrepreneurial stories, and published in the relevant websites, newspapers, set up a number of entrepreneurial model. With the county Party committee and government and relevant departments, issued relevant medal for entrepreneurship typical, further tracking service business model, for the further development of the cause of their convoy escort. In addition, also actively to the provincial and county to declare the typical declaration, the honorary title of model worker, let the business model and.

can form a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, will attract more and more people choose entrepreneurship, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" work will be carried out smoothly!



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