Haikou Fuxing City nternet innovation and entrepreneurship Park favored by nearly 300 companies

Business incubator

government guidance has multiple advantages, to understand and grasp the policy more folk business incubator platform edge. Haikou Fuxing innovation park has been favored by 50 companies.

from Xingcheng Internet innovation park opened in December 16, 2015 so far, there are 8 well-known incubators settled, which hit off, Ali cloud + Microsoft innovation center, Optics Valley venture, coffee geeks Park, Sina roadshow center has completed construction and operation; Haier Oceanus, garage coffee, horse incubator is being renovated, and the operation will be completed in June 2016. Super cool show, one owner, master 50 Internet innovation enterprise has settled, there are 240 enterprises have settled in the application materials submitted.


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