Sweet turn dessert trends

what is the momentum of the development of the food and beverage industry, excluding hot pot, fast food and other well-known brands do not say, can be ranked on the list of course, as well as a class of desserts. According to the analysis of the international food agency survey, from the beginning of 2005, the confectionery industry increased by 20%, and at a rate of 10% a year on the rise, dessert industry is undoubtedly an emerging industry, a huge hidden opportunities. Sweet and sweet, convergence of composite products system, with Hong Kong and Macao and European dessert making process Peru, suitable for four seasons, no off-season.

turned sweet dessert, compound modern dessert first Hong Kong style characteristics, strawberry, mango, kiwi fruit, mulberry and other new combinations, fruity, and salad dressing on smart grilled bread in the flower type is crisp and soft, delicate appearance, taste delicious with multilayer superposition entrance, sweet aftertaste, carefully a variety of ice cream mix pulling diners taste buds, one-time satisfy consumers’ desire for sweets.

The relationship between

molecular cuisine is the study of food observation, understanding temperature and cooking time in the cooking process, then add different materials to make food, produce a variety of physical and chemical changes, and deconstruction, reorganization and use in full control after the subversion of the traditional way of cooking and cooking food to make appearance. Sweet turn dessert, magic molecules private custom, take you to experience the mystery of molecular cuisine tour.

turned sweet dessert, 18 series of products, you tease the tongue. The Hong Kong Style desserts, all kinds of Chinese and Western characteristics sweet snacks and drinks are be introduced, the products are rich and collocation diversification, truly personalized, cater to the social consumption psychology, let every customer experience high grade art delicacy, enjoy the feast of taste There was no parallel in history.

as a leader in confectionery industry, and sweet desserts, with particular kitchen exceeding the national standard of homemade food safety manufacturing plant, fruit processing by physical fresh vegetables, to recover the original simplicity principle, to provide quality services for the majority of customers and enjoy.

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