Thousands of dollars to start a home textile shop entrepreneurial experience sharing

now has a lot of young people want to start, but the venture in the selection of projects is a key step, open textile shop to make money? There are a couple of a foreign trade textile shop, started from two thousand yuan, and ultimately won the great wealth.

before last year, Zhou Zhibin and his wife try holding the attitude, invested two thousand yuan to open a foreign trade textile shop. Open textile shop to make money? In the business shop before, Zhou Zhibin and his wife are ordinary employees, the wife Home Furnishing activities in a sales company, found that Home Furnishing supplies a market, and last week about the resignation of entrepreneurship Zhibin, so two people opened a shop like this.

when the week Zhibin just a loan to buy a house, no money on hand, so two people with 2000 yuan of money to start a business. How to open a home textile store can make money? Because there is not enough money, so, in the location of the time in the vicinity of the lot, the rent is very cheap. In this way, two of the foreign trade textile shop opened up like this.

this week to address the Zhibin consciousness is wrong, therefore, choose to change places. Zhou Zhibin closed this store, opened a store in the home to white-collar family in many places, because the address, the textile shop business good up. Open textile shop to make money? Now, Zhou Zhibin the textile shop has an annual turnover of 100 million, two couples of entrepreneurial success, earn big money

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