Vigilance small business is the most vulnerable to seven mistakes

for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, start-up time of insufficient funds, started only from the capital business start, but can not underestimate the small business, because most of the time is the details determine success or failure, you go no step, can determine your future can do, this is the most basic stage want to do, some people can do it, but some people do not, life or the shop, the worst is facing collapse, which led to some factors of these causes or is not found a better way to start, so now let’s look at as small business people this is one of the few prerequisites, you do what kind of.

A, carefully look at the chain of


now the chain is very hot, what bookstores, cosmetic advertisements, franchising is actually a kind of cooperation, are at the expense of your profits at the expense of. In order to let each coin fall into their pockets, you need a little hard work, often remind yourself of what business.

two, don’t worry boss addiction


three, don’t bring it to start

four, treat the pressure correctly from


six, don’t put too much profit

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