Young should break through

a lot of people into the civil service exam in the flow, is to figure out a safe. But the story I want to say the hero, just give up a comfortable life, embarked on a turbulent road of entrepreneurship.

03 years after graduating from University, he worked at a cosmetics trading company in Jiaxing, the main entrance to do foreign cosmetics, and also do some channels, as close to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wenzhou’s spending power is also quite considerable, so the company has done a good job, after in the company for 5 years. Because of the cosmetics market in recent years, more and more spending power, 5 years, a small company gradually developed to a certain size, and he is from a salesperson has done a business department leader, that year almost have 15W.

is 08 years of that year, with 10 W per year, it can be said not to worry about food and clothing, but also with my girlfriend for several years, this would be a good time to marry and settle down, so that the focus should be transferred to the family. Unfortunately, he is not that kind of people willing to work, let the people of Zhejiang have the word, just we highly summarized the understanding of career development: Ning do poineering wolf, not working dogs; of course he is very extreme, a lot of friends are not willing to work to listen carefully, but we think it is. Point of truth.

OK, for this he was a little headstrong decision, his then girlfriend (who is now his wife) or decisive support, a lot of ideological work, but ultimately his father-in-law to do, then I will start the road of entrepreneurship! He was very glad that I make such a decision at the time, because I know that this decision made after the road can’t go back, this is he felt my life to do the one thing have the courage, this is one of the necessary conditions for success, but another problem: since we also need to think about the choice of a business, what is the proper project…

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