Olayje create micro entrepreneurs net benefit

business opportunities in recent years, the market can be described as multifarious, endless, many entrepreneurs face numerous entrepreneurial projects, do not know how to start. Now olayje and minimally invasive network cooperation, to provide reliable support for the majority of entrepreneurs.

now is the era of mobile Internet era, olayje to the vast number of investors and entrepreneurs more diversified business opportunities, promote the whole social resources, for a long time with the major domestic Internet Co and industry representative institutions, enterprises carried out close cooperation, and a micro grid is an enterprise the representative of these strategic partners in the.

olayje with a micro cooperation network so that the dreams of entrepreneurs, helping investors, olayje company, a micro network so as to achieve the strategic goal of equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, to create win-win.

about olayje:

ten years of development, has been leading the domestic olayje beauty and health industry, as early as 2004 through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, is the industry’s first approved by the Ministry of Commerce franchise record of the beauty enterprise, is also the China Franchise Association, Chinese beauty beauty industry association, the international Chain Enterprise Management Association. And is the base for the promotion of human resources and Social Security Ministry of health beauty occupation training project.

ten years of operating history, is the industry’s only olayje with fresh fruits and vegetables as the material, the entire shop output oriented, the scale of the powerful beauty health enterprise, known as "fruit and vegetable beauty health experts".

On a micro network:

a microgrid belonging to a micro Orange Island (Beijing) Network Technology Co. ltd.. Founded in February 11, 2014, is a financing platform to raise public mode based on the store, is also the first to get involved in the store to raise public equity Web Recommendation

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