The cost of opening a snack bar for your reference

        followed by the era of diversified development, a lot of people are paying attention to how much a restaurant cost? Everyone has a different answer, today, about to open a snack shop cost to the snack bar open investment, for you introduce the productioncosts own a


        this is my open snack bar experience, shop funds only 80 thousand, although rarely, but there are many funds open method more funds also have less money, less money shop method, we hope to provide a little help. Handheld 8W, investment project is limited, take me to open the snack bar, I am in the room is 80 square metre rent 3000 yuan. The best choice by downtown near farmers market place. It is best to pay one month to pay, or three months to pay a


        store wall white, the ceiling lamp, installed exhaust, 80 square at least 5000 yuan 3000 yuan; ground ceramic decoration. 4000  kitchen decoration and facilities; yuan, 15 sets of table and chair for 6000 yuan, two sets of air-conditioning 6000 yuan, 2000 yuan for the purchase of tableware. Although the investment is not too much, but to open a snack bar to reflect the elegant, people’s appetite and the environment often have a certain relationship. I like to put some snacks on the wall of the characteristics of the introduction: origin, taste, celebrity. There are one or two books store snacks brochure on each desk. The essence of picking related snacks articles, pictures. Decoration for a month.

        the biggest feature of snacks, is to do some people do not generally good, but the high profits of food. Investment in this 8W, at least to do the boss is a food expert, can make a variety of food for local habits, and then standardize the production process.

        please two employees, a collection, a collection of tables and washing dishes in the kitchen, three operating window, send a delivery. When the payee is a boss or a person when it is related to the issue of discount management. Employees want the same clothing, hire employees to pay 200 yuan deposit, the same clothing subject almost investment balance, not the same clothing investment. Employees basic salary of 800-1200 yuan, then 5% of the monthly turnover of staff bonuses, according to the uniform distribution of attendance.

        in order to save costs, small advertisement card type distribution in the surrounding areas or shops or markets. In addition, decoration stay 3000 yuan fund, as used in advertisement.

        how? Based on the above recommendation

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