Gold knife surface details to join Q & ntroduction

gold knife noodles, saw this restaurant brands have you felt very domineering? The film and television industry have an award called the Golden Horse Award, it is a recognition of the actors, so the gold knife is Sliced noodles noodles brand of quality certification? Followed by a small series together to understand the brand!

gold knife face, has been adhering to the "strict, serious, active and efficient" spirit and integrity, strict product quality, adhere to innovation, enthusiasm, and thoughtful for providing quality service to customers, so that customers feel the times to care "gastronomy" brand for a century cast permanent foundation. Gold knife face long-term adherence to the fundamental interests of the entrepreneur, the core concept of entrepreneur’s personal pursuit into the long-term development of enterprises ", provide a roofless entrepreneurial stage for the majority of entrepreneurs



gold saber face questions

1, I want to invest in gold Sliced noodles soup chicken, what position?

answer: the large supermarket shopping malls around the shopping centre? Or in front of the position of

the airport station lounge the college, high school primary school around

the large residential area in the theater next to


Plaza commercial pedestrian street

2, rent the store need to pay attention to what?

inspection should pay attention to the following three points:

1) store itself:

, in fact, a lot of seemingly prosperous gold lots, the government is in the demolition plan. Some unscrupulous owners will be posted at the door on the sublet notices, the intention of fishing for a ticket to leave. At this time, eager to shop the most gullible people. So, before renting the store, we must make a careful investigation of the situation of the store.

2) landlord background:

found the store don’t hurry, the best first heard from the side of the real landlord (i.e., property owners) on the background of basic understanding, feel reliable after contact, in addition, once talk about success, must also pay attention to sign the agreement and request to change the rental property owners in the formal name.

3) competition in the industry:

is mainly the operating performance of the situation, the price level of goods. To investigate the operating performance of the same kind of store in the same area, we can estimate the profit status of the store, and examine the price level of the product

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