Hefei City Maternity allowance payment standard adjustment to extend the holiday increase subsidies

According to

learned from the Hefei Municipal Bureau of human resources and social, Hefei City Maternity allowance is standard with the implementation of the new policy, to meet the family planning were extended for 60 days during maternity leave, and 2 additional months of maternity allowance, in addition, the policy of cesarean section and multiple births are to give subsidies.

it is reported that the main contents of the adjustment: female workers in addition to enjoy 3 months maternity allowance, there are three cases can be extended maternity allowance. One is the family planning policy, to extend the 60 days of maternity leave during the additional 2 months of maternity allowance; two is in line with the implementation of medical indications for cesarean section, the additional half month maternity allowance; three is the multiple births, each family of 1 babies, the additional half month maternity allowance. The birth allowance shall be paid in accordance with the average monthly wage of the employees of the employer in the previous year. At the same time, the original line of childbearing condition, for the glorious one-child certificates on maternity leave, the provisions of the 1 month maternity allowance is no longer executed. In the enjoyment of treatment, most people do not differ significantly." City People Club Bureau official told reporters.

implementation of the new policy to regulations, according to reports, Hefei Provincial Department of human resources and social reference "on the Huainan City maternity insurance allowance standard" reply (Anhui social secret 2016 No. 96) to implement the provisions, namely: female workers before birth in January 16, 2016 to implement the "Regulations", to January 16, 2016 98 days of maternity leave has not yet expired, in accordance with the "Regulations" provisions to extend the 60 days of maternity leave, maternity leave extended additional 2 months of maternity allowance. Female workers in January 16, 2016 before birth to enjoy a 2 month extension of maternity leave maternity allowance, shall not repeat enjoy childbearing, receive child certificate of the increase in 1 months of maternity allowance, already enjoy deduction.

Hefei maternity allowance issued to adjust the standard of a new policy to bring the gospel of female workers in Hefei. And on how to compensate for maternity insurance and reimbursement of what materials need to ask questions, you can consult the Hefei Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security.

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