How to maintain good old customers in daily business

old customers is gradually build up, once the shop has an old customer, not only the customers will become loyal consumers shop, and will continue to bring new shops, so, for retail businesses, the old customer is our precious wealth, is the lifeline of survival and development of the super city. As the saying goes: the development of ten new customers, it is better to maintain an old customer. Visible, old customers for our retail business is how important. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good old customers do homework. So, in the daily operation of how to maintain good old customers, do not let the old customer churn out? I do this:

first, the establishment of the old customer life file. To often patronize the shop of old customers, the establishment of "old customer files", archives including the old customer name (including the family name), home address, telephone, and old customers interested in hobbies, birthday and other information, so that the old customers and old customers of the family situation by heart. I put these old customer archives are entered into the computer, and the 1st of the month at a time, if one day this month, there are old customers or old customers family birthday birthday, my shop will first send a message to the blessing, then at the appropriate time to send a birthday gift.

two, the implementation of preferential shopping for old customers. Since it is of course to old customers "with" I shop in the implementation of preferential policies for the old customers, who registered in the "old customer file" in the old customers, regardless of its or his family, usually coming to the shop will be 5% off discount, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other major festivals to store shopping will be ten percent off discount.

three, regular visits to the old customers. Every month I have personally visited by telephone, SMS or the way to return to the old customer. Ask what kind of goods the old customer needs in the near future; whether the quality of the goods in the store is satisfied; and what I do in the shop is not in place to make valuable comments. Through a return visit, I shop in a timely manner to adjust the structure of the purchase of goods, the quality of goods more stringent checks, as well as the shop is not satisfied with the place to be corrected, etc..

four, strengthen emotional contact. Between people are talking about feelings, businesses and customers are no exception. Every year, the Spring Festival is a traditional Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, or old customer’s birthday, housewarming and other festive days, I was carrying some gifts personally to visit and congratulations, to enhance the feelings between me and old customers. While the retail business through some small details of life, let the old customers perceive our business to him (her) the attention and concern, so as to be reciprocated by our loyal customers.

Although there are a lot of factors that determine the success of a shop,

, however, in the process of the entire store business, the details determine success or failure. In the shop, the old customer is a treasure, let us never abandon the old customers, retailers really touched, maintaining old customers is > I

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