The cultural tour around the lake the paradise of human beings

Haibei was Xiqiang pastly, hamping emperor Yuanshi four years (AD 4 years), Wang Mang set the West in this county in Haiyan county. In the Han Dynasty, the famous Hu Qiang road and Qiang middle road have been formed and become the auxiliary road of the silk road. Through this, the Qiang Haiyan County of Gangcha, the monk Tan inexhaustible, the monk Song Yun, by this approach to Western Tianzhu, is the main part of the silk road.

July 8th, Lake Race ushered in the fourth stage of the game, the team along highway 315 to the seaside city of Gangcha reservoir, along Shaliu River Scenic Area Gangcha county is not only a major feature and is one of the world’s three big fish strange landscape, Chinese only to enjoy the wonders of the local migration of naked carp.


River on both sides of the valley covered by Salix psammophila was originated in Gangcha in the northwest County sens tie mountains in the south, a total length of 95 km. Every summer from 6 to August, Qinghai Lake naked carp (Huang fish) in dozens of the river upstream, packed with ovulation, the formation of "strange landscape river water half half fish".

come here every year sightseeing tour of the people can not only in the home Huang fish fish Gallery clear water carp ornamental Mimizaza crowded together, the scene can also fall over each other up; view of Vatican tower shadow environment, feel and enjoy the feelings of suffering Bicao ranch experience, collectors can also be transferred Inn; peaceful tower, pray and release feelings people of all ethnic groups in Gangcha harmony, thriving spirit, live and work in peace.

Gangcha county with local geographical advantages and abundant tourism resources, to develop measures of temperature wave hidden city, fairy Bay, Shaliuhe scenic spots such as the carrier, to the seaside city of Tibet Plateau as the image features, to "fish released, offering Qinghai Lake" as the cultural main line, and strive to build a "Huang fish home" the "fish culture" brand.

every summer on the occasion, in the beautiful Tibetan city of Gangcha will host the proliferation of releasing fish and Qinghai Lake Naked Carps released festival activities, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Qinghai Lake in the pure love enhanced Huang fish, ecological awareness, a harmonious relationship of human and nature images appear in front of people.


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