Xining a new round of pollution battle started a blue sky for a long time

July 8th, held in Xining, the city’s comprehensive management of air pollution leading group meeting, the meeting informed the city of Xining from January to June air quality and pollution control work carried out in the first half. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun given instructions: the comprehensive management of air pollution is unyielding, also battle. Kenyinggutou, battle call to further unify their thinking, to further consolidate the power of the need for further iron fisted control, need further strict liability, is the only way to ensure that no relief, no rebound. Today after the start of a new round of pollution control campaign in the city, with the government’s play, as a cadre, for the people in exchange for a lasting blue sky.

in the first half, Xining City air quality monitoring the total effective number of days is 181 days, good days of 112 days, good rate of 61.9%. Compared with the first half of last year, Xining City air quality days increased by 51 days, excellent rate increased by 28.2%, according to the National Environmental Monitoring Center released the 74 city environmental quality situation, Xining city in the middle, in the poor natural conditions in March and April, the city of Xining in the capital city of Northwest China in continuous ranking the first. The above data show that the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining has achieved remarkable results. At the same time, the first half of this year abundant rainfall region, better soil moisture is the important factors to improve the air quality in Xining city.

day, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that to solve the environmental problem is a system engineering, not only have the determination ton output capacity, more pragmatic and effective action. Xining should be soberly aware that the air pollution control in Xining, while other cities in the country to organize air pollution control work. With the weather conditions improved, other city’s air quality will also increase, how to stabilize the existing ranking down, how to consolidate the results of pollution control, to achieve better results in maintaining stability, which is facing the pressure and challenge.

Wang Yubo stressed that the current governance, appear in the work situation, with Xining entering the year climate most suitable conditions for the "golden period", especially the recent rain, to have better effect on dust suppression, many comrades have a cognitive bias, is the "days of summer help, Xining’s air pollution control work can" take a break "breath"". Wang Yubo stressed that the improvement of air quality, is not a day for two days, to dare kenyinggutou courage to fight a protracted war, air pollution will not slacken.


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