Promote the construction of a new level of urban construction in Xining Zhang Jianmin listened to t

in October 18th, a survey of the Xining city road traffic, urban development and reconstruction of ecological water management and other key projects, vice governor Zhang Jianmin to Xining city planning and construction work report, put forward the guiding opinions.

Zhang Jianmin pointed out that in recent years, remarkable achievements in urban planning and construction in Xining. Facing the new situation, to re-examine and research measures to speed up the essay, promoting city construction development in new stage. To strengthen the research on major issues in the work of planning and construction, to further improve the planning level, adhere to the planning guide construction, planning and implementation of strict examination and approval; development of the density and strength of key areas of control, the priority of public buildings, optimize the space environment; prospective plan for major infrastructure projects such as highway line selection, the long-term layout of city municipal facilities. In order to improve the city construction and management level, strengthen the design of street and Plaza, building facade, high standard design of residential projects; the old city transformation to keep mining history and culture and to the typical buildings in each period, the construction of several Cultural District, focusing on the layout of public facilities, focus on improving the quality of the construction; the construction of the new city pay attention to sum up experience, improve function, gather popularity, play on the old city management role.

according to the traffic problems have become increasingly prominent, Xining Zhang Jianmin stressed that to speed up the city streets through the broken road, crossing the road through the city to solve the problem of city road network encryption, accelerate traffic microcirculation, building a road network framework supporting the sustainable development of Xining. (author: Zhang Lifeng)

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