The first day of spring travel

  January 26th at 9:20 in the morning, from Xining to Chengdu West K1060 train on time departure from the Xining West Railway Station, which opened the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company for 40 days of the Spring Festival in the beginning of the work of the prelude to the work of the.

at 8:10 in the morning, the reporter saw at the Xining West Railway Station ticket hall, about to embark on the journey of the passengers carrying luggage size stop queuing, accept ticket and security check; youth volunteer service station volunteers are helping some old passenger luggage, for some women with child pour boiling water; vanguard party post staff some some of the passengers are to maintain order, issuing tickets during the Spring Festival, Spring Festival travel guide six strokes and other promotional materials, one of the busy scene……

it is understood that the company set up more than 200 people in Xining, Lhasa, Golmud, Hai Shi Wan Railway Station volunteer service team, to provide services for the old, young, sick, disabled, pregnant and other key passengers, 12306 customer service platform launched key booking service, accepts the key action inconvenience passengers out of the station and travel service.

9:20, the reporter after a series of checks, take the K1060 passenger train, the Spring Festival to experience the whole process of service. In the car, the reporter saw the conductor Zhang Fuxiang. When the train car from the Xining West Railway Station, Zhang Fuxiang and they began to busy, their propaganda to the passenger ticket real name system, to remind passengers real name ticket note, check passenger ticket information is consistent with the certificate information……

in the car seat, the reporter saw the window curtains with a red heart-shaped loving service card, Zhang Fuxiang told reporters that this card is for loving service to serve the needs of the old and sick pregnant setting, he told a woman holding a child in the seat, such as what can help in a timely manner to reflect the crew. The woman told reporters that the establishment of such a love card is really good, you can give her children in the milk, eat in a timely manner to help.

Zhang Linfeng, a Chengdu based student studying at the Qinghai University, told reporters that he was booked by

. Network booking is very convenient, no longer have to queue up to buy a ticket, save a lot of time". Through the window to buy tickets for migrant workers Wang Jian said they used to queue up to buy tickets, he believes that people queuing to buy tickets feel at ease, practical.

11:10, the reporter in the sea Shiwan station under the car, although the experience of the Spring Festival service time is very short, but left a deep impression on reporters. Whether it is telephone booking, online booking or queuing to buy tickets, multi pronged approach to solve the problem of the people a ticket is hard to find, but also save a lot of time. (author: Ye Wenjuan)


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