Xining power supply company started the Spring Spring Paul electric war

March 4th, power facilities of Xining power supply company staff of the Huangzhong County Hamlet, Li Jiu, Gan River Village, what is the door plus 4 Irrigation Station conducted a comprehensive and in-depth troubleshooting, equipment maintenance, eliminate drop insurance damage, aging, high voltage lead air switch damage and other safety hazards 16, started a comprehensive "spring spring Paul electric war.

to ensure that the farmers of the three counties of Xining city spring spring irrigation electricity demand, the company early deployment, early organization, take the initiative to strengthen coordination with local governments to communicate timely from government departments to understand the "Spring Spring Spring trends, the establishment of" service team, to develop electricity security plan, the irrigation area of three counties in Huangzhong, Huangyuan, P. line and distribution area thoroughly investigation, inspection of key distribution line transformer load, oil leakage, and the normal branch leakage protection, air switch, stone gate, investigation of distribution lines and equipment aging, at the same time increase due to warmer temperatures, thaw lead tower and other safety hazards check elimination efforts, and the organization of professional personnel checks elimination, tracking, and the formation of closed-loop management of electrical work of the spring.

in Xining power supply company to further promote the 95598 light service project, open the spring spring irrigation electricity green service channel, the organization teams went to the fields of electrical knowledge, strengthen the safety of electricity safety propaganda, propaganda. Through multi sectoral coordination, increase the supply of "card neck", "low voltage" problem of coordinated regulation, to ensure the spring three Xining county electricity for that, compared to send up, use well. (author: Jia Ming Ma Jianxia)

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