The Eastern District of Xining City People’s livelihood 200 million disc 21 dishes

this year, the district will invest 207 million 920 thousand yuan to send people to the area on the 5 category of 21 "dishes", from the village building, city construction, environmental protection, education and culture, social 5 aspects to enhance and improve their happiness index of people’s lives.

New Village Construction: the completion of the pan son mountain village kindergarten project; complete Lin Lin cliff 4 new village green project; completed Pan Village, such as the village road hardening project 4. City Construction: the renovation project completed under the North Street road; Fu Zhai completed low rent housing resettlement area of road planning, sidewalk pavement engineering; pavement isolation complete Wuyi Road and 4 road installation, greening; reform of the old district, to achieve full coverage of property. Environmental protection: to build a digital integrated management information platform; completed 4 Jianguo Road road is part of the single building is equipped with lighting; sanitation vehicles, public toilets, garbage transfer stations, sanitation workers lounge; completed 50 tons of steam coal gas project. Education and culture: art kindergarten, nursery project Fernando nation; complete the rhyme ieguchi primary school new teaching building project; carry out the "digital" pilot work in two primary school, provide free textbooks and learning activities for the students to complete a number of sports facilities; configuration. Social and livelihood aspects: helping the warmth on the elderly and poor people; to complete the construction of the international village, Fu Qiang Xiang, textile and other office facilities for community service; community health center with medical devices; 65 years old, such as sanitation workers free medical examination for rural women "two cancer screening; provide auxiliary equipment for the poor and disabled family accessibility; the establishment of price adjustment fund to stabilize prices; for Small and micro businesses, small and micro hotel offers special support fund.


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